It’s about time…

So I’m new to blogging, and this one is going to be just a place for me to rant, get excited about my hair, show off new clothes, and generally talk about my life 🙂

A bit of background about me: I have suffered from depression, anxiety, lack of confidence, low self esteem etc for the most part of my life. I have been on many medications, had many therapies, and nothing ever really worked. I’ve recently been off sick from work for about 6 months due to a really bad phase and since going back I have been trying to find my purpose and kick these horrible mental illnesses right in the ballbags! My confidence is slowly rising, which is one reason why I am doing this blog. I figure a place to both rant and show off without anyone really being able to judge me would do me good. So it’s kind of like a journal, but cooler 😛

A word of warning to anyone who does happen to read this, I do drink, I do drugs (nothing hardcore..) and I party. As I write more you’ll get to understand why I do these things, but for now let’s just say it’s fun!

Peace out y’all!

Sara xx